Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wong Wei Chen!!!

One day,
three very bored girls started a conversation about a common topic among females-
Males- in particular, HOT MALES!!!

When boredom strikes- we make the best out of it, eh?
Wong Wei Chen, don't think that becos you posted first,
means that I will kowtow to you and LET IT PASS that LeeJunKi is on your list!
(Takeshi bla bla bla...)

Today! I will prove to you WHY he is so-not-a-faker!
and why he is more worthy than ur-what's-his-name-lee to have a spot on MY LIST!
Actually, the whole list was supposedly a Top Five thing.
Alas, after much thought- I have decided to remain forever faithful to my TOP THREE!

So, without further threats and ramblings-
Bring on the eye candy!

(swooonnnnsss first, will swoon again later)


(big enough for your eyes mah. Chen?)

Yesh- that yummy mass of Male above is my Takeshi!
Ahhh, where do I start? where to start?
What is not to love I ask you, when someone that YUMMY smiles at you in that way...
You know that feeling where your legs get wobbly and your heart really races?
I was totally in love with him from the moment he sang in Perhaps Love-

So yesh, Chen, I can really say he isn't a faker because
1. He's a really great actor with awards to prove it
2. Look at the photo below, OMG-there is a whole lot of raw feeling that comes out of the pic
3. YOU DARE SAY AGAIN- I tumbuk ur Lee bla bla and he sure cannot tumbuk me back, because he not man enough!

Thank you the divine being up there,
for sending this gift to women worldwide!
We will cherish and LOVE it, oops, HIM very very much!!!

Pffffft. This is Chen's Lee Bla Bla.
Esh, cannot even compare to MY TAKESHI.
Both completely different level.

And this is to ascertain the fact that he is GOOD LOOKING in person!
Some celebrities or so-called hot guys resort to unnatural touch ups in photo shoots.
Not this one, he looks damn good without even trying!
And he is SOOO cute too!
Just look at that mischievous face of his!
I really want to know what he was thinking at that moment!

I will always support my Takeshi through thick and thin-
i.e. like defending him against some woman's claim that he is fake...
tsk. tsk. tsk.
He is a really highly sought after actor with international accolades!
Like, in the most recent blockbusters- e.g. Red Cliff!
Where he gave such a touching rendition of the classic novel,
haih- talent my friends, talent...
in a nicely sculpted package too!

Once again,
he is TRULY God's Gift To Women.
Capital letters are validated, he is Takeshi Kaneshiro!

HOTNESS #2 Raymond Lam Fung

Okay, okay, Chen, at least we agree on this cutie eh?
If not, really tiring to praise all of my men,
while u silently curse me in your room at Pujut 7.
Don't think I cannot feel the evil dagger stare you have while looking at the comp screen.

Since I was doing such a bimbiotic post,
I might as well do it properly-
Hence, the cutie face stamps on all the pictures...
Hahhaha, I actually wanted to add these Heart symbols all over their faces...
erm... but that was one step too far...
even for the present bimbo situation...
which has me salivating...over these guys...

Okay, it is not unfair to have so many 'loves'...
C'mon, if guys can say-
I like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba and Pussycat Dolls...
My heart is big enough for these three!

My Raymond!
He is the TVB actor to watch nowadays,
especially after Moonlight Resonance/ 家好月圓
which further cemented my love and dedication for him!

I love the way he always has this really ...'yeng' expression on his face during serious moments,
even my family knows me well,
everytime I see his face appear on a TV screen-
My dad says "Nah- your husband lar- start screaming..."
I will death-stare him first,
then proceed to scream "LAM FUNG!"

He is also such a great Canton singer.
His voice is so distinctive that I can hear it all the way from my room,
when my bro plays his songs from his phone...
Seriously, one can drown in that voice of his!
If I am feeling sad or down,
just listening to him,
will pick up my spirits!

What to do,
am truly a dedicated fangirl!

I haven't reached No.1 Fangirl status yet.
To be No.1 Fangirl, one must:
-Have a pillow with his face on it
-Have his picture photoshopped next to your face and edited ala wedding photo style
-Have all his albums to date (I do illegal downloading from the internet)
-Have a DVD of all his TVB shows
-Have a fansite dedicated to him
-Hate Linda Chung, who is his rumored GF, cos she stole him away from me! His one true love!

I will do all of the above if I meet him one day,
and he actually smiles at me in that 'yeng' way of his...
and holds my hand...
and says "I've been waiting for you!"

But since that is a far-fetched day dream,
I will still give him my full support...
by watching every show he will make in the future!

That is a pledge!

See? He is such a fun sport!
I've always seen him smiling at public events,
unlike some stars who are always grumpy when a camera points at their face!
He is so nice to his fans...
except I can't assure you with first hand experience,
only second hand accounts from fan sites and forums...

Just to see him smile!


(cue fangirl scream)

My Bosco!
This so cute that you want to pinch him!
And he has these really 'yeng' serious moments as well...which make you love him.
Bonus point- HE LOVES TO COOK.
Hahhahahaha, you can cook for me everyday...
and I'll never get sick of your cooking!

He's one of those guys that you don't really take notice of at first,
but then they start to grow onto you...
and you know that you've fallen HARD.

One feature of his that I really really adore are his lips!
He has such kissable lips!
Long and pouty!
Haih- should I now try to brush up on my Cantonese and work to be a TVB actress?
So that one day... I might (hopefully) get to smooch him?

Others think that he likes to 'act-cute' and finds it nauseating
but I am of opinion that that is a part of his personality-
I like! He is open and doesn't care about 'proper' image portrayal!

Hot, Pro-Chef at work!

So, in an ending befitting a post such as this,
I shall quote Chen-
"I am insanely-crazily-attracted to these fellas!"

I totally get you girl!

(swwooonnss happily!)