Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Untitled Post

Things that happen, oh-so-randomly, in life...
slips of everyday moments,
that never fail to light up my day.

When one is bored during a lecture,
its advisable to have a horde of playthings at ready-
My GIGI being a big girl and taking her very first steps!
Where's your Bibi, Jiun?

The peers at Uni,
always the jokers.

The most complicated lecture slide-
in my 2 1/2 years at Uni.
My gosh- can one understand all the boxes?

Blurry pics that have beautiful details,
love your smile, dear!

Kind thoughts from faraway friends,
Let's play spot the purple dolphin!
But seriously,
I really thought your mystery gift was the pack of tissue =___=

Whimsical korean illustrations,
I think I want a new hobby,
that involves collecting these beauties!

The sky after a hard day of classes,
Nature at its very best.

My wallpaper.
It reminds you- movement can make simple things different.
If you know, where to look.

Mom's Home Made Apple Pie.
Keeps all the flab on my body. (hahahha!)

Cute little orphaned clip,
that I picked up along the way,
I think its loving its new home now!

in lieu of that 'woman' who I really don't relate to:
Forget Sarah Palin, Vote Obama to those who can!


Obama poster from Ginny Branch
(A lovely take on the 1960's Larry Gates classic)


An intake of oxygen,
A sigh of release.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The PineApple Issue

The Wong sisters are one of a kind.

Me and Bestie Jiun were gushing about a certain 'fruity' picture
and a cute little boy on the Elder Wong's personal space.

I said the little guy was SO cute. Bestie Jiun asked for one...pineapple.

The Elder Wong kindly replied:

"I will post another pic of Nathan for Qing"

"But please tell Jiun am sorry- I don't have pineapple for her."

"How about Pears??? Muahahaha... "


Then, Little Wong said she suddenly remembered a Joke while eating cold beehoon.

What relation has the joke with cold BeeHoon?

Absolutely nothing in common.

The Joke goes like that:

One day, an elepahant was running away from a tiger,

as he was running, he spotted an ant.

The Ant asked him why he was in such a hurry.

The elephant replied "I am fleeing for my life from a hungry tiger"

The any said "I have an escape solution for you!"

The elephant was overjoyed and paused in his run for survival to hear the ant's advice.

But after he heard the advice, he threw the ant to the ground and crushed it.



Little Wong dramatically finished:

'The ant said to the elephant:

I'll let you hide behind my back!'


Thursday, October 16, 2008

In the middle of a rainstorm

你的姿態 你的青睞 我存在在你的存在

你以為愛 就是被愛 你揮霍了我的崇拜

我還以為不可能的 不會不可能

我活了 我愛了 我都不管了

心愛到瘋了 恨到酸了就好了

可能的 可以的 真的可惜了

幸福好不容易 怎麼你卻不敢了呢?


所以明白 所以離開


自己存在 在你之外

愛. 梁靜茹

Rodarte Pic from This is Glamorous

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life on a See Saw

I shouldn't be complaining,
but sometimes thats hard not to do,
when life's resembling this crooked see saw
that brings one side up while the other side goes down.

So, in the very end,
its still the same question all over again-
Up? or Down?

Hopelessly Tired.

For all my assignments to go away,
so that I can eat sushi all day.

That 'that' thing will go through!

Kate Barry for the tres magnifique Vanessa Paradis Pic.
From This Is Glamorous.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Soulmate

* I am now very HAPPY for one of my besties! Congrats, CINDY!!!

And since she's found her soulmate, I have to dig around for mine now...LOL, Jiun, since this post is dedicated to you, why not be my soulmate for one post okay? (smiles sweetly)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jiun! Happy 21! Its not getting older that matters, its gettin more sexier and womanly that counts!

So here are the 21 reasons why I can't live without you:

1) I have a picture folder entitled "Jiun and Qing/ JQ". WTF, see how much you matter in my life? I have one whole folder filled with pics of you and me! Others dun even have okay...maybe its cos of the fact that we are camwhores...but...if I cut off the Jiun, the Qing will be very lonely.

2) We have telephatic moments- I will be thinking that I wanna eat McD's....then she'll be thinking the same thing! I'll be thinking that I want to go shopping...ta-daa, she wants to go shopping too, at the same place, same day, same time!

3) When people say our names in Curtin...they always inquire about BOTH of us... its a one word thing- Jiun and Qing...or Qing and Jiun, personally, I like Qing and Jiun better, but for birthday girl's sake, let's say Jiun and Qing today!

4) Your silly theories! Hahhahahahha, one day I really need to dedicate one whole post to your theories, which bring laughter and many silly moments into our lives...thanks, dear!

5) WHO ELSE WILL TAKE PICTURES UNDER THE HOT SUN AT 1.00 p.m. WITH ME, not caring about sunburn or the fact that our image has gone 'poof' at Curtin since we were taking pictures right next to the main road- where all these cars filled with university students pass by?

6) She's there for me no matter what- my silly moments, my funny days, my doubt-ful days... and when Raymond Lam dies in a TVB show, she listens to my crying and comforts me!

7) Who else can I share my secrets with? Especially the stupid secrets which only we get, because we're silly in that way? Ehhh, you dun go blog about my Xiao Shuai okay!

8) When we can laugh at each other's stupid mistakes, when we meet each other in baggy clothes looking more like trash collectors than beautiful 20 year olds- I knew we were made for each other!

9) When we're the only ones laughing at something...while everyone else looks at us year, I will laugh alone... (sad sad sad)

10) She who doesn't understand why I must be so organized, I who can't comprehend why she's so disorganized...BUT WE ARE STILL ABLE TO FIND THINGS FOR EACH OTHER!

11) She has 20 % staff discount at Secret Recipe. Muahahahahahhahah!

12) We are able to talk in campus for the whole study day, talk on the way back to our houses, then get on the phone and talk again for 2 hours!

13) I cannot sing, she can damn well become a singer if she wants to. I need to keep her by my side for those moments when she can save me embarrassment and help me sing. (hahahha!)

14) Sometimes, when I re-think my life (although it is still a short life), I am thankful that we became such good friends...good sisters and good soul mates... I would be lost without her!

15) Although we have totally different outlooks on life (she wants marriage by the time she's 25, I shiver at the thought of marriage) totally different fashion styles (she's a bohemian queen at heart, I like simple, unique patterns) totally different food buds (she prefers Chinese Cuisine and Malaysian Delicacies, I have a soft spot for pastries) totally different loves in our lives (she likes Burberry and Uncle Bobby Au, I prefer Chanel and HANDSOME RAYMOND!) totally different views about life that gets us into these heated quarrels- we always know that deep down inside, we will still love and cherish each other!

16) I am actually risking my future daughter/ son's wrath by matchmaking him/her with Jiun's future son/ daughter...but we are wise future mothers... If her son/ daughter is too ugly, at least my daughter/ son does not have to carry out their end of the bargain!

17) Its just those random moments- when we're really bored in class or itching to say something- and then we turn to each other at the same time! I ask you, are we fated or what?

18) The craziest things that we've dreamed up but have yet to go about doing! Never you mind, when we are working people...we will definitely do ALL of them! But Jiun, you gotta get out of Miri first!

19) I will tell her future kids all her embarrassing stories... so in order to be able to tell them that, Jiun, you and I cannot lost contact, you must get married and you must have kids. Especially that story about the 2G hand phone memory card! LOL.

20) I need you to contribute to my Chanel 2.55 handbag fund! Therefore, I cannot lose you!

21) Simply GIGI is Married to your BIBI! We need to allow them time to re-produce and welcome our grandkids into the world!

So, Happy Happy Birthday,
to a dear gal full of charm,
who just needs a spoonful of confidence,
to show the world her talents,
who believes and hopes,
and dreams romantic thoughts,
who laughs and scolds,
and sees the best in all!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fashion Orgasm!

Egads. Its that time of the year again!

ITS FASHION WEEK! For the upcoming Spring 09 showings! In the fashion world, their clock automatically ticks around 4 months faster than the average normal human being's. This means that designers are designing and thinking up absolutely fantastical whimsical outfits for Spring when its winter, for summer when its spring, for autumn when its summer, for winter when its autumn!

Get it? Basically, they have to be ahead of 'normal' time. Why one asks...tis due to the fast-moving world of fashion and the dedicated hordes of fashion-worshipers! The whole world of fashion moves fast because of the buyers, the stores and the magazines! The magazine people need to showcase the correct clothes, i.e. prepare for the future upcoming spreads and editorials! The buyers need to select the correct clothes that will fill boutiques, departmental stores and what-nots come the correct season! So think again when you pick up a winter coat (ermmm... a designer branded winter coat maybe) because that winter coat went on show in Autumn, was picked by a fashion buyer after the show then ordered from the main fashion house (let's say the winter coat is a CHANEL) for winter! Chances are, you saw this winter coat in a magazine spread in Autumn and you knew you had to have it!

Ta-daaaaaaaa! So that's how the Fashion World eats (if they ever eat at all), sleeps and proceeds to churn out money gobbling pieces of art!

Anyway, although I definitely cannot afford any of the pieces that have been paraded across the NewYork/ London/ Paris walkways of Spring can always admire, can't I?

Well, this year's shows were really interesting. Everyone seems to be going into the new modern-era rage...trying to out-do each other with cutting-edge pieces...even the shoes are competing, without heels!

So- my favorites still range between the Simple, Sweet and Wearable. I mean, I do love Rodarte...but this collection of theirs looks too alike to their previous ones- hence, no excitement on my part. The Chanel show has yet to take place, since Paris Fashion Week is still commencing! Fingers crossed for that one!

Balmain! Its one of the most recent shows and its been haunting my dreams! Literally! They made THE best LBD! Mod and yet not overtly cute, cunning with a sly gleam! I did not really read into the whole collection...but there were certainly key fave looks from this label!

(Click on pic to enlarge,
and drool together with me!)

First Look-
THE LBD! That little black dress is to die for! Its the one part rock goddess, one part demure lady look rolled into one. The fit and cutting is genius! Not too tranny-like with a modest length that reads more sexy than showy. But with my flat chest...I'm not sure that bustier works for me, ah well, ain't like I'm gonna buy it...(dreams...dreams...dreams...of a better tomorrow when Blamain shakes hands with TopShop or some other fast fashion merchandiser)

Second and Third Look-
I have always been a jeans person. Especially skinny jeans, one should always thank the divine being above for skinny legs so one has to make the most of said legs...before one has children and can't fit into skinny jeans anymore! So these ensembles with really covetable skinnies and just the right fit blazers are right up my tree! Love the diff individual detailing on diff sides of the jacket! This is one jacket that I'll be trying to scout for-its cheaper version, mind you- for next year's CNY wardrobe!

Devi Kroell. This fashion darling was previously a very, very established accessories and jewelry designer. Now...she's not only a very established accessories woman, she's a very successful designer as well! Some people have all the luck! True to her simplistic yet breath-taking silhouettes, her clothes bear resemblance to her accessories! I've loved her accessories since spotting various pieces in magazines, now I'm falling in love with her clothes as well!

(Once again, you know the drill-
Click, feast, drool!)

This collection is accurately timeless. I have learnt the hard way, like countless others, that its better to stick to cuttings that suit you or pieces that you feel comfortable in, it ain't sharp and smart to pick out key trends and wear them like everyone else, only to feel uncomfortable and foolish when these pieces just aren't suitable for you.

Therefore, If there is a collection that is made for me, for my fat days and my dress-up days...and my bad hair days and my lazy ass days and my I'm Feeling Great days. THIS IS IT.

I really really HEART all those classic looks that aren't too boring...because the superb fit that hugs one's body in all the right places takes care of that? Damn. Now I really want my bottomless bank account... or I might actually invest in a piece that will last me...what? 20 years? Hmm, the ROI has a lot of potential..hmmmm...

Lorick! Everyone knows GossipGirl. Everyone loves Gossip Girl. Hah! I do have a confession to make- the only reason I watch Gossip Girl is because of the fashion. Gimme Blair's entire wardrobe and I am a happy, happy girl. But does anyone know which fashion label most of the covetable clothes come from? Like the blue and red backless jewel tone dresses that Blair and Serena wore as part of their 'I'm your best friend again' make up act?

Those babies and most of the dresses that Blair's mom supposedly designs are all from this quirky, sweet, ladylike label- Lorick! I heart Lorick because it makes me want to dress up, in a ladylike manner! In a good way of course...

Jumpsuit/ Romper with artsy collar
that totally makes the difference.

What I want to emphasize here is the fit and cutting of this dress,
I don't really like the fabric...I might just brighten up the whole thing with a Pop Color!

I heart the pleats that give this dress that unique feeling!

Once again, the genuis that is Lorick.
A normal emerald green jewel tone dress?
Nah- its given a Oomph with the beige centerpiece and hairwrap!

I really hate the fact that I am broke.
When I am earning money...
Do you think that I'll be able to get my hands on these babies???

LUELLA! A great big shout-out to this adorable, street-vibe, punky, girlish label that I love, love love! Its the finest thing out of Britain! Okay,maybe I exaggerate...there's Keira Knightley, The Beatles...and scones. Hahahha! Anyway, I think I like Luella almost as much as I adore Chanel.

The direction of this label is almost spot-on, always. Right. I'm still 20, which means I can still appreciate youngish fashion- come 20 years later, I might look back at Luella and say "Well, I had a great time!" Its one of those fashionable, london-vibe eccentrics that kinda have a piece for everyone, but more in store for the younger audience!

I think that I migh really want to get a Luella piece...before I depart from my 20' the most, because wearing cotton-colored ensembles are quite pushing it once one enters mid-life stage. However, one can't deny that the bags are delicious & bags don't adhere to an age limit!

I think its understood that I like simple basics,
with a twist.
Love the pearls and the ruffles on jersey.

The tea cup dress.
I might lose the flower though.

She has really outdone herself with the pants.
Slim-perfectly tailored trousers...with just the rigth amount of skinny-ness around the ankles!

Don't you just love that HAPPY jacket!
Candy colored cotton strips of cuteness!

One up on the classic tailored jacket suit,
swap pants for trousers,
get the jacket in a zippered pastel,
You're ready for tea or fun!

So there are the current faves of the season! Might have more to come...Chanel...Chanel...Chanel, its like a drug, so addicitive that you don't realize it, until your out cold. Anyway, what's Fashion Week without individual style! All the fashion people- read, editors, stylists and whos-who of the fashion world kindly provide first class fashion entertainment.

And me like shoe porn. (credits to Fashion Toast for the much-plagiarized phrase)

The fab-fab-fab RODARTE shoes on Cecilia Dean.

Chanel killer heels (literally) on Leigh Lezark.

The age-defying glamazon legs of the French Vogue Trio.
Google for info under the term "French Vogue Team"
Prepare to be amazed.

I am always in AWE of these superhumans that seemingly come from another planet, where they have superlegs that withstand the most horrible, terrible pain. Otherwise, how can one explain HOW HOW HOW they manage to stand in these killers pretending to be babies for one whole damn day?

Dammit. There must be some secret among the fashion elite that normal beings don't know. Heck, I can't even withstand 5 hours of heels...and mine are no where as towering as theirs...and they stand and dance and prance around in them like no one's business.

But... isn't seeing believing? Perception reality? Ah ha! That's exactly what these cunning stylish people want you to believe! And I am fond of saying that there is the word 'lie' in believe...hence I am proven true!

Hilarious footage of this year's fashion week lays light to the old myth of fashion people= stylish people. Fear not, normal people, me and you, we now know the truth! We are as stylish as them! They are as normal as us!

CLICK for a great laugh and a little lesson in...being fashionably smart!

And not to forget, shoes are one thing...the style is another! Enter Girl Crush 2.0, courtesy of Fashion Week!

I've noticed this terribly attractive, superbly dressed woman several times on The Sartorialist and Garance Dore. Now, I am officially smitten with her! Kate Lanphear, your style is to die for!

Love her bangs.
Love her mannish-style.
Love her artfully done bracelets.
Love her for saying: 'I'm a jeans and tees girl, I just take it to a whole new level.'

Thus sparked the start of a relationship-
with me admiring from afar...
literally, like two oceans away.

How can I express my adoration for that sleeveless tux she has on?
Drapes the right way, exudes the right feel...
am sure its down right comfortable as well!

Ah, make the world a better place,
where we now know...
dressing up doesn't equate to dresses and whimsy, ladylike pieces...
Thank you!

Balmain, Devi Kroell and Luella-
Luella- Fashionista
Shoes- Jak & Jil
Kate Lanphear- The Sartorialist & Garance Dore