Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Untitled Post

Things that happen, oh-so-randomly, in life...
slips of everyday moments,
that never fail to light up my day.

When one is bored during a lecture,
its advisable to have a horde of playthings at ready-
My GIGI being a big girl and taking her very first steps!
Where's your Bibi, Jiun?

The peers at Uni,
always the jokers.

The most complicated lecture slide-
in my 2 1/2 years at Uni.
My gosh- can one understand all the boxes?

Blurry pics that have beautiful details,
love your smile, dear!

Kind thoughts from faraway friends,
Let's play spot the purple dolphin!
But seriously,
I really thought your mystery gift was the pack of tissue =___=

Whimsical korean illustrations,
I think I want a new hobby,
that involves collecting these beauties!

The sky after a hard day of classes,
Nature at its very best.

My wallpaper.
It reminds you- movement can make simple things different.
If you know, where to look.

Mom's Home Made Apple Pie.
Keeps all the flab on my body. (hahahha!)

Cute little orphaned clip,
that I picked up along the way,
I think its loving its new home now!

in lieu of that 'woman' who I really don't relate to:
Forget Sarah Palin, Vote Obama to those who can!


Obama poster from Ginny Branch
(A lovely take on the 1960's Larry Gates classic)