Sunday, November 2, 2008


- Parents are asleep.

- Just realized that my dad labels my friends according to location- so far, there's Bumiko Girl,
Curry Fish Head Girl, Pujut 7 Boy, Senadin Fella and Tupperware Guy. No points or gifts for guessing who. Phew...others who he sees on a 'regular' basis or whose parents he knows, he remembers their names. Bias much?

- My eyes are swollen.

- Exams on the 10th, 11th and 20th. (=___=) yea... long, horrible in-between break that will test the limits of my inner strength.

- Friends from Aussie flying back soon!

- Old Soul's Day is tomorrow- erm- today...

- Thinking that my hair is getting too long. Chop chop soon?

- Note to self: LEARN how to apply eyeliner.

- TWILIGHT out on the 21st! Sadly, when me and dear Fish went to the local cinema to inquire about pre-booked tickets, the guy had the audacity to say "Twilight?" with a very puzzled air. Apalah! You work in show business okay!

- Jealous of Cindy and all the cakes she is baking. I want one!

- Envious of Jen and his tulips. Grrrrr...

- Waiting for that call...which will change my outlook of life and challenge me out of my comfort zone...(its really important! can't disclose details until THE CALL, sad news or good news notwithstanding) wtf, it sounds so bloody cliché !

- This piece of Rodarte art is my current wallpaper. Note the use of 'art' instead of 'pic'. I think very highly of the sisters Mulleavy.

There are always snitches of time,
or moments of moments,
where you feel bared to the world,
impossibly vulnerable,
for once,
blissfully honest,
without needing to hide behind any mask.

Credit: for the picture