Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The PineApple Issue

The Wong sisters are one of a kind.

Me and Bestie Jiun were gushing about a certain 'fruity' picture
and a cute little boy on the Elder Wong's personal space.

I said the little guy was SO cute. Bestie Jiun asked for one...pineapple.

The Elder Wong kindly replied:

"I will post another pic of Nathan for Qing"

"But please tell Jiun am sorry- I don't have pineapple for her."

"How about Pears??? Muahahaha... "


Then, Little Wong said she suddenly remembered a Joke while eating cold beehoon.

What relation has the joke with cold BeeHoon?

Absolutely nothing in common.

The Joke goes like that:

One day, an elepahant was running away from a tiger,

as he was running, he spotted an ant.

The Ant asked him why he was in such a hurry.

The elephant replied "I am fleeing for my life from a hungry tiger"

The any said "I have an escape solution for you!"

The elephant was overjoyed and paused in his run for survival to hear the ant's advice.

But after he heard the advice, he threw the ant to the ground and crushed it.



Little Wong dramatically finished:

'The ant said to the elephant:

I'll let you hide behind my back!'