Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rainbows from a Prism

Last year, I spent my first day of 2008 attending a funeral. It struck me as oddly fitting. The birth of a new day to celebrate both life and loss. To say farewell while we still remember. I walked into 2008 with a joyful heart and high anticipation of many things to come, anchored with a humbled sense of treasuring life.

This year, amid laughter and reflective faces...and silly topics that ease our souls, I welcome 2009 with thanks and gratitude. Thanks to all my family and my friends for always being there for me, thanks to all the good things that have come and are coming my way, thanks to the challenges that teach me anew, thanks to little bumps that remind me of life's hard knocks, thanks for still being here, today. Gratitude, for every single day of the past 20 years of my life, that has lead me to become who I, presently, before I evolve yet again.

While I was vacationing, I came across a Buddhist saying from Venerable Man Ya, which I really love. It goes along the lines of: When you walk forwards, walk with your head facing front- don't look behind, let bygones be bygones. Or in simpler English- look forward and let the past rest.

Well, I'm certainly looking forward, very excitedly, might I add, for many happenings in 2009! Therefore, instead of recollecting the has-beens of 2008, I'll be focusing upon resolutions for the new year! In the past, I've always had the habit of listing down 'all that has happened'. Now, lets try this new year thing in a new way: by focusing upon 'all that I want to achieve!'

Pay more attention to my studies and assignments! No more last minute work! Although last minute work still brings in great results- you know you can work harder! More focus upon detail and more in-depth analyzing. I really need to dedicate some weekend time to my course work: make it count while I can!

Keep my body healthy and in shape! Exercise with discipline. Snack in moderation.

My skin condition is something that never fails to irk me. Sometimes, I have good skin days when it decides to behave, and on the other days...I get a strong urge to become a hermit. I've come to realize that I'm one of those people who need to work for good skin. So work I will. Maintain my skin care routine and don't slag. Maintain a healthy diet at all times. Maintain my exercise schedule. Maintain the belief that I will achieve good skin!

I'll be heading overseas for my studies soon. So resolution No. 7 will be 'endeavor to keep in touch with my family and friends'. I have a bad habit of ignoring the rest of the world when I'm in my assignment or exam mode...I also tend to ignore my sms-es until they pile up. Truth to be said, I'm a bad correspondence. So this is something that I will need to work at: Prompt replies. Phew.

Since I'll be in Australia- Hehhehehehh! Domestic traveling plans are bound to crop up! I do hope that I can independently, both financially and traveling-companion wise, head to a few destinations! Not forgetting, my year-end jaunt with my aunts and uncles! I'll be saving up for that!

Is definitely, positively correlated with Six. If there is a lack of 5, there will be a lack of 6! Resolution No.5 would be: to be savvy...moneywise. Don't owe, don't create debt. Do have a healthy bank balance. Do keep up your monthly savings.

Stick to your principles. For instance, buy what you need, not what you want. Though, sometimes, after a hard day/ week/month, splurging on yourself is always welcome! The key word here is, as always: Moderation. God, I sound so middle-aged! (hmph)

World peace might never occur. However, giving when you can and helping out when help is needed is something that everyone can do. I'll be volunteering whenever I can and where ever I can!

Remember to cherish life. Once in a while, when we lose sight of our path...mine tends to get blurry too...Its like foggy glasses, you've got to clean them specs too! Sit down, relax and recollect. It does wonders for you, mentally and physically.

Live life to the fullest each passing day! Laugh, be happy and share your joy. Its much easier to smile than to frown. Love this saying: When you smile, your smile might mean the world to someone else! I, for one, love it when people smile. It tells me that life must be worth something, for someone, and I'm happy for that!


When a prism touches light, or when light falls upon a prism, it explodes in color.

Something once called plain is plain no longer.

I sincerely hope,

while normality is a norm,

2009 will light up and create a rainbow for you,

when you need it the most.

Happy New Year.

Picture of Cintia Dicker from Glamour Feb Issue