Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Week, Another Sunday

First off, I think this has got to be the most relaxing week since I've been in Perth,
Just hopping around the city, looking for new sights and scenes,
coming back to a cozy hole, eating yoghurt and plums,
long walks with quirky finds.
Ah, I heart my Easter Hols.

But as always,
being the worrywart perfectionist-
Brain won't stop thinking of assignments!
There were, snitches of time...
(especially during msn conversations with Jen, facing the same problem!)
when work rears its ugly head!
So after today, its work work work once again...
Le sigh. But I think I'll miss being a student once its over.
Don't rush into things, take them as they come.


(psst! If u see the words in a tinge of green, click on it, those r links!)

I heart and miss Red Bean and Liang Fen (cold bean jelly noodles) cendol.

I heart store window displays in Freo!

I heart sisterhood talks
and the little Love behind Cyn.

I heart Angel's Cafe Bfast, just not the pancakes!

I heart all the second-hand bookstores in Freo.

I heart Ikimono, possible the cutest camera ever!

I heart Poladoodles.

I especially heart the mudpie from Little Caesar, Mundaring.

I heart spring onions in garlic oil.

I heart warm gifts and thoughtful gestures.

I heart my pau (s).

I heart this skirt.

I heart T2.

I also heart Kikki K.

I heart, most of all, this week,
my lovely room
and my Breadou!

Have a great Sunday!