Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What I Should Tell Myself #1

Have you ever experienced this rush of excitement that starts from your tummy then fills up your whole body? A head-spinning type of feeling that makes you smile so wide that you think you're going to burst out laughin? A tingling prickly sensation that makes your hairs stand on ends coupled with a positively euphoric sense of certainty?

Currently searching for this brand of happiness.

Last semester, I went to class just to see a smile. It was a nice smile. It wasn't captivating, it wasn't glamorous, it wasn't sexy. It was just right. Bright, positive, cheeky with a hint of boyish innocence that seemed lost on everyone else. It kind of lifted up my day everytime I saw a hint of it round the corner of his lips. In Twilight, Edward says that Bella is his personal brand of heroin. I think I can finally relate to that...now. It felt like I lived to see his smile in that semester. On the final day of class, I said 'Hi'. He rewarded me with a smile.

Fell in love with a smile. Just that, nothing more.

I have weird study habits. I watch an episode of House or Criminal Minds to tune into my study mode. Previously, Gilmore Girls used to do the trick...then it got really sappy. After one good epsiode of hearing 'intelligence' sprouting around the screen, I feel that I'm ready to gain some knowledge of my own. I wonder sometimes how this actually works...Do I relate to geekiness or am I just a bonafide geek myself?

I really can't stand Gossip Girl. I just watch it for the clothes, but the clothes aren't so great anymore. Now on the hunt for Fringe. Seems interesting.

Financial independence is harder than it seems. I have yet to have a nett profit just yet. Hahahha! Kidding. I do have nett profits- just not the kind of numbers that I would like to see. While I do not (thank god) have any difficulty in the financial department, I thought it would be good just to see if I can survive on my own, for once. Note to self: CUT ALL SHOPPING EXPENSES and YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO THAT.

Still longing for many 'I NEED' items on my shopping list. (Ahem) SELF CONTROL.