Monday, June 30, 2008

Je t'aime CP

Literally, it means I LOVE YOU in French. Right. I think everyone who has seen smatterings of French films would know that. Or seen French perfume ads/ or read magazines which use French verbs and phrases sporadically. Point is, it expresses one's feelings of passion or intense adoration towards a subject/ object or article.

In a more classier way. Hah. However, since the subject later is French, then its tres fitting.

Now, onto the subject of my proclamation of Love- A Girl Crush.

Nope, please don't think that it is only Normal for a bisexual or homosexual female to feel adoration or an intense rush of adrenaline that tells you, yes, you're hopelessly smitten with the object of your desire.

To illustrate- according to definition; a girl crush happens when two heterosexual females have strong feelings for one another, but not in a sexual way. And while a girl crush is, by its informal definition, not sexual in nature, the feelings that it triggers - excitement, nervousness, a sense of novelty - are very much like those that accompany a new romance. It can be likened to a fixation of a woman of loves shoes or handbags or can't live without her daily morning coffee. An sort of infatuation develops when one woman admires another woman who seems beautiful, accomplished, sophisticated, charming or just... cool.

Therefore, a girl crush actually happens when you (a girl) are taking a walk and happen across an incredibly good looking woman and you immediately feel your head turning once again to look at her as she passes, i.e. to scrutinize her clothes/ bag/ shoes... even a whiff of the fragrance she is wearing. All the while making mental notes about the way she walks, the way she tucked in her jeans and the way she moves her head to catch the sunlight in her hair. (Yup. Ahhhh... understand the significance and the workings of a girl crush now?)

Yes, this is a normal occurrence since we women are higher ranked than men on the EQ (Emotion Quotient) section of the brain thus meaning that women are more emotionally sensitive creatures than men and are more apt at understanding and controlling ones' feelings. And No, this does not mean that your sexual orientation is changing. Most girl crushes end up as friendships or acquaintances because you have the longing to want to know your girl crush better.

Loosely viewed, it can be termed as admiration. But bear in mind that some crushes are admired from afar- which means that these girl crushes are not reciprocal; the crush will have no idea that she is being admired or observed from far. In my case- tres correct. Anyway, if I were to meet my crush, I would have to fly over two oceans, spend a thousand dollars to gain entry to a film festival and fervently pray that she would glance my way if I called her name. Technically, I would have to learn French too.

Right. A bit too unrealistic, no? Unless I had luxury of money and time, its a no-go.

So, while I admire her and just love her for her ultimate fuss-free fashion sense that radiates the word Cool even when she's not on-screen, I will have to make do with magazine interviews and pictures galore. Imagine, which film star would conduct an Interview (with a capital 'I' because its for a major fashion-zine) without make up? Liberation of womanly looks and countenance, I tell you!

Swoons. Clemence Poesy. What's not to love?
(If I was very free, I would draw out her name with little hearts all over and pos
t it as a jpeg file, but since I'm not... hah, I can just describe it)

Yup. That's her. Looks familiar?
For the familiar, yes, she was in the 4th Potter film.

For the unfamiliar, she was in the 4th Potter film as Fluer Delacour, one of the Triwizard Champions.
Anyway, she'll be appearing in many many more films soon.
(Heartless with Jim Sturgess and In Burges with Colin Farrell)

(Insert Best FanGirl Squeal)

Oohhhhh... See that gaze of hers. Fierce with a hint of playfulness and sexiness.
God knows I will always, always be called cute.
If one day, a stranger comes up to me and says 'Hey Sexy!' like she/he means it,
I will buy that person her/ his favorite blend of Starbucks.

I heart her clothes too.
She always exudes that French Cool style without the overt styling of certain stars
and I heart anyone who can throw on a plaid shirt/ pajamas
and still be named as one of Karl Lagerfield's favorite stylish actresses.

I hope that you can see the detailing of her jacket in this pic (try clickin on the pic).
Its the absolute fashion orgasm and I love her for picking it out.
The princess puff sleeve at the top and the bell bottom opening at the bottom? Hah.
Only she could carry it off without looking like a fashion twit.

If Britney wore it...
I think that I might need a week's supply of Mint Ice Cream to forget that image.

Street Style. Androgyny. She looks so swell.

And since I am a Fan Girl of hers and have a girl crush on her,
I have noticed that these are her favorite poses for magazine features.

Pure Awesome-ness.
(swoons once again)

Yes, while a girl crush can be an innocent fixation.
It can turn ugly as well.
Sometimes, it unleashes copy cats,
in terms of dressing, mannerism etc.

Please do remember that its great-
to merely be inspired,
but the most important thing is-
Be yourself!

Pictures from Nylon &