Thursday, June 26, 2008

Maiden Post- Metamorphosis


Biological process by which a living being physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change.

From Xanga (Qing_Sue) to Blogspot.

i. Advantages?
- Easier editing
- Ability to post Links
- Erm... (yet to find out).

ii. Disadvantages?
- Lack of Font colors (sobs- my beautiful Purplish/ pinkish/ lavenderish hues!)
- Xanga's posting is much more user-friendly
- Ditto the picture posting/ uploading
- Okay. Let's be fair. I'll stick to the 2 months trial period.

Random Notes:
Basically, I'm actually moving my xanga to blogspot, by means of design and background image, therefore I hope this helps to tide me over the introductory period. Anyhow, all criticisms, whether constructive or not, are very welcome to help me find out about the various benefits of blogspot (which I have yet to discover!) I'm actually taking a very factual approach to this change, i.e. I'll look at the various additions to the Adv/Dis adv list come end of the trial period to consider whether to stay put or get my ass back to my turf. Yup. This subject does not discriminate! This subject looks forward to a whole 2 months of new posts and new discoveries! Bring it on!

this is not a maiden post,
as can be seen below.
For ceremony sake;
let's just say it is.

Get what I mean about the font colors?