Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yes. Two slightly insignificant posts in a day.

Wait. Let me correct myself. The first one was insignificant. This one is SO NOT insignificant. It is, in short, my current obsession that tides me through the day of filing, filing and more filing. I am doing volunteer work for my father and he has been putting my free labor to good use, i.e. getting rid of all his accumulated mail- FILING. Eurgh. Who would have thought that I would be horribly afraid of letters? Between you and me, they accumulate at a fascinatingly fast pace. I swear! They are like ants that procreate and become a mountain of papers...never-ending papers.

So yea, letters are doing an admirable job of stealing my soul, social life and my precious me-holiday time. The only reason I am able to get thru the day is... Deng deng deng deng...

TWILIGHT. (the most beloved book after HP)

Okay. I admit it, personally, I am only hooked because I want to know what happens in the end. Does her almighty love win over mortality? So yea, this Meyer woman is really smart since she made four books, which means she earns four times the money of one book.

Anyway, I will gladly continue to be her fan girl until 02/08/08. Then, I will decide whether its worth to continue as a Twilight fan girl based on the story.

Imma can't wait.
Imma can't wait.
Only 1 more month to go!
Wheeeeeeeeee! (best fan girl squeal)