Friday, July 18, 2008

Blind in a room full of Lights

I thank my dear friends- Clint, Ronald and Daniel for shedding some light on the workings of the brain of a blundering black hole on legs.

(please tell me you sense my sarcasm- Or I am out of touch- Blundering black hole on legs refers to MEN)

I do not kid about the 'black hole on legs' tag, they are really bottomless. I was given prime seat tickets to watch them unleash their appetite upon food yesterday and I am forever scarred.

Bear in mind that this comes from a girl with 2 brothers. My brothers already eat like pigs. My guy-friends eat like ...a black hole. I swear the food they ingest does not need digestion. It just disappears! Which makes them hungry once again, then they go on to ingest more food- which then disappears. -_- while I have to watch my calorie intake to maintain a slim figure.

Bah. Have they really gotten the better end of the bargain?

Anyway, while deploying certain facts about Women's Logic (what we women thinks makes sense but sounds like complete crap to the other sex), they kindly shared the habitual reactions of the 'black hole' species.

Thanks guys, now I know when to pinch a future boyfriend of mine.

I can't remember what I was trying to make them understand but all 3 of them gladly exhibited the 3 Habitual Reaction of Men to Women's Logic.

One, The "I Don't Give A Damn about what you're talking" reaction

A quintessential favorite of the opposite species. They will give you their best "I am pretending to listen" face while nodding at the sound of intonation in your voice. However, despite their concerned exterior, they may be thinking about where to eat their next meal or bemoan the fact that Jessica Alba is now impregnated.

Two, The "I don't know what you're talking about but I will pretend to know" reaction

Now, this is a more honest reaction from more gentleman-ly guys. They can't really get the drift of what you're saying or what you're trying to make them understand but they will fake their knowledge! They will sincerely try to continue the conversation or add certain bits and pieces that they think will make them appear knowledgeable. Its a bit like a poker player- he has to try his luck at faking that he knows what you are talking about.

The "I am really, really trying to understand what you are saying" reaction

Ah! This species is very rare. Once found, please do key their HP number as an emergency dial because at least they are really, truly HONEST! They have totally no idea of what bullshit you're sprouting or whether you're just emo due to hormones but they really take the trouble of asking you to repeat yourself and explain the whole theory to them in 'simpler' terms. At least there is still hope for the Black-Holes with this small portion of their species being kindly, understanding listeners who truly appreciate women's input...or maybe they are just being nice to girls because their mother/ sister told them to.

I am not sure whether the book entitled "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' actually has nice, straightforward, helpful advice as the above. I have never ventured near that book nor am I planning to in the near future.

First hand experience and going straight to the source is more potent and effective.

In all actuality, it just tells you- Opposites attract. Simple law of attraction basics.

And if you want to yak on about Women's Logic? Please find a female friend. Likewise to a guy- If you want to bullshit? Find your buddy.

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Catherine Hardwick has just made my day...erm... night!

Another fantastic mind-numbing teaser trailer for Twilight!

I hate it when they call it teaser trailer. Hmph. It whets my appetite even more.

Enjoy... and be dazzled (the most over-used phrase among Twilight fans).

Side note:
Is there really such a thing called-

Or is it just an oxymoron?

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