Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Its a smiley face today! (happy happy happy) Finally! A flippancy of joy after a long week of moodiness... and no, I am quite sure that this moodiness is not associated to PMS. I counted!

So what is the reason for this sudden bout of happiness?

One word- Hellboy!

Right, in all actuality I am not really a fan of that big, red, bad-ass dude with the nicotine and romantic liasion problem. However, I am very much a fan of the director- Guillermo Del Toro, who takes fantasy to a whole new level! I am really a true blue fan of fiction and fantasy (shifty eyes) although I do think that I am quite able to differentiate between reality and mirages of illusion.

Anyway, I am really really really excited about seeing the latest Del Toro masterpiece (hahah! Yes, I am bias in such a way! I called the film masterpiece even before sitting down in the cinema and letting myself be awed by it!- bias once again!)

So I will now go to sleep with high hopes that I can rave and rant about the movie & be coerced into getting a DVD of it!


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