Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How the sea shapes the land

Sometimes, each and every one of us go through a period of recollection and reminiscence.
When you are unsure of the future
and weary of the past.
Don't you think that once in a while,
you feel burnt out and spent and
That feeling of mindless floating around begins to tire you out.

In truth,
this month has really been a blessed, tiring and supremely packed full of gleeful joy.

the melancholic smile returns after a period of grace.

Women and their moods.
I know think that I understand why my dad wants all of his kids,
to be settled in a different continent when he retires-
So that he can escape his wife's extreme mood swings, whenever he likes.

If you ask me,
Are you happy?
I will sincerely answer:
"I should be."
There is no reason for me NOT to be,
that feelings of uncertainty remains.
Biting me raw at the edge of my reasoning.

The most appropriate painting to decipher my feelings would be this-
Altho in truth it ain't a painting,
merely a superbly edited pic of and by my good fren, Jen.

Its the weirdest thing ever-
that this picture allowed me to interpret my current feelings-
because now,
This is Me.

"I love how you did the chipping away at yourself like a piece of brick effect.
To me,
It symbolizes change,
We are changing everyday,
nothing is ever the same,
our mannerisms, our thoughts, our feelings, even our favorite things.
Ask me something one day,
I might give you answer A.
Ask me the same question another day,
you might get Answer B.
Change is the only constant.
With each layer we peel away,
I hope I get to understand and know myself better.
Each chip by the chisel is a new adventure."

Credits: Picture from Jenabi.