Friday, July 11, 2008

Will I succeed?

Just because,

  • I am lazy
  • It is inefficient to retell something
  • I am just plain lazy

Please do *click* on the picture above
to be a busybody (kidding!)and view the fantastic pictures
that BestieJiun took during last week's excursion to Esplanade Beach.

----- -----

Just because,
I am now in love with these beauties...
I am thinking whole-heartedly and seriously,
about LONG HAIR.

You did not misread my words nor did I mis spell anything.
I am contemplating long hair.

(shocked face)
I can't even believe myself!

Pictures are from
Chanel's Paris-Londres Metiers d’Art Show.
(please click-here! and above for more info)

An annual event whereby tradition and culture

are infused into brilliant masterpieces.

Credits: Mode et Utopie for pictures