Friday, July 4, 2008

I'd rather NOT see you


Its that time of the month again! This time, instead of Chicken Soup Craving, I have (oddly enough) a morbid fascination with Apple Slices Bread Pudding. I have already downed a whole tray of the absolutely heavenly slices but hormones tell me: MORE, MORE, MORE.

I think that I will be a very hard wife to please come pregnancy. Beware, future husband!

That is, a warning IF I am able to hitch myself off to a poor bloke who must have hit his head hard before he decided to propose.

Shucks. An interesting fact is that girlfriends who see each other for abysmally long periods of time often attune their hormones to match one another (something that happens naturally), which means that most of them get their periods around the same time. Hmmm... so far this theory HAS been proven true. Tried and tested true. Usually, its either a pair of my friends who menstruate around the same time or the whole gang together. Of course, the timing won't be as precise in the manner of minutes and hours, but usually all of us are visited by Aunt Flo around the same week!

This is bad news actually- We will all be grumpy at the same time and deliriously happy at the same time. Such extreme mood swings are very dangerous in a group of girls.

Ah well, extreme mood swings aside, this time of the month render sensitive emotional feelings in me which does not help when I am determined to go SHOPPING. It means that I am prone to impulsive buys that I will absolutely regret once I am back to normal and I will detest myself for such low self-control and proceed to starve myself for another month so that I can really purchase the thing I actually want! Eurgh. It is a vicious cycle. Which means that I have to abstain from shopping in this time period.

Hahhah! Shopping is soul-therapy okay and methinks that I have come up with a perfect solution. Bring a limited amount of cash out during these shopping sojourns. Yesh! That is my secret weapon to halting implusive buys!!! However, I have failed once or twice since BestieJiun lent me money. Now though, she is smarter than ever and refuses to do such a thing until that time period is over and I am able to think with a clear mind.

WTF. Does this mean that when I graduate and start working, my sharply-honed mind will turn to a puddle of useless gunk once a month? How am I suppose to keep a job with such an occurrence? and save up to buy my dream bag- Chanel 2.55 (cue big huge dreamy eyes ala Anime style).

Bah. My thoughts are so random. See? I think that rightly put, boys should not blame women for being un-understandable. Blame their Hormones.

Anyway, while I'm at it- I have abstained from real shopping but have been doing Online Browsing. (Thanks the stars that I have no credit card- yes, I am pitiful- otherwise my bank account will be empty!)

And... (drum roll please) I HAVE FOUND MY SOUL MATE IN SHOES! or shoe soul mate, whichever sounds nicer or more pleasing to the ears.

Behold- No Concept by Ameber

Why are all fucking fantastic things that I fall in love with originate from Japan? (except for Apple & Rodarte & Chanel) Maybe this is a sign that says I am destined to live in Japan. Yea right, wishful useless dream.

Wait. I digress. These are no Lanvin's or Marni's or Louboutins but they are so lovable on their own. I think that they are so worshipful that I may not even have the heart to wear them- I may just purchase them so that I can lovingly stare at them once in a while. Just by looking at them, you can tell that they are lovingly hand-crafted with a great amount of unique personal details for each different pair. They are so unique that they warrant a name; I have always thought that people naming non-living objects are stupid; now, I realize the urge to give something so beautiful an identity!

These lovelies are made from Genuine leather, Have their own dustbag and are at the affordable price range of RM 100- 200. I think they are really affordable because of all the details and the quality of the design and structure.

What more, the label is entitled No Concept because the designer believes that each pair tells its own story. You might notice that even each shoe in a pair is different from the other, for that price- its a steal okay! You might get a pair of Nine West or Aldo heels but those babies do not have an ounce of individuality that these Dolls possess!

(Drools) I will surely purchase a pair come end of year shopping spree!

As of now, according to my information, these shoes are available in Kuala Lumpur. In Kitsch boutique, located in Bangsar Village II. For those in the know about Bangsar Village, Kitsch is that adorable store right next to Marmalade. For those who don't. Jus Google to find out.

I have realized (shock) that I write more on Blogspot-
Can I attribute this oddity to Holidays?

"If you go,
you take what's yours,
And I take mine."
Is just so addicitve.

Credits: Pictures from Fashionista's Playground