Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Productive Day

I am very lazy now and thus have no mood to think up great sounding titles- hence, the totally uncreative, straight to the point blog title.

Be warned, this post is full of random mumblings, long random mumblings.

After two whole days of being my father's BURUH KASAR (I am currently his FILING GAL- which means that now I am really afraid of paper because when you out two papers together they multiply and I will have more papers to file. I think that there is a secret magic word that the evil corporate people use on papers to make them accumulate so fast. Damn)

And wut does my father do now that his daughter is relieving his burden of filing? He does Sudoku. Yes. That Japanese number puzzle. He is able to enjoy doing his daily Sudoku while his daughter hurts her hands filing paper. (grumbles) Ah well, filial piety and all that saying does come true. I only sincerely hope that he really appreciates me when I need his help- i.e. financial help!

Anyway, to the point of blatantly digressing- I am actually a secret Sudoku fan in the making! I say 'in the making' because my father is trying to make me see the light concerning Sudoku and that it will supposedly lead me to be a great analytical thinker of the future.


Right. I think my father just insulted me by saying that I am NOT analytical.

I will let that pass since I still need his financial assistance (hopeless, reliant kid) and because I really think that I like Sudoku (ssssssh! No need to let him know that his cajoling is working!) I am horrible at numbers and all close frens of mine will know that. I am so hopeless that I did not even know that 50 divided by 20 equals 2.5. (sad face) Since I am randomly charting my life story, I shall also tell this embarrassing incident to the world. A friend of mine asked me how much a manicure + pedicure cost at a certain place.

I told the person: 'RM 50'

The person: 'Oohh, then how much per nail?' This friend is blatantly quizzing me on maths. -_-

Me: 'Ermmmm....'

-10 minutes later-

The evil friend: 'Its RM 2.50 Shu Qing... Tsk tsk tsk...'

Luckily, Sudoku does not need any mathematical prowess, other than being able to know the ascending sequence of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9- which everyone does. Therefore, Sudoku is good because it does not involve maths.

Hahhahahha. I warned you that this is a totally random post, which shall just continue as such.

So today was a productive day because I found a great birthday present for my dear girl Millie.
(Muahahhah! Millie, if you are reading this, because I know that you sometimes visit my blog, oh dear friend who isn't blog-attuned, I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE THIS PRESENT but I am not letting the cat out of the bag!)

While discovering 3 Loves of my Life.

  1. My future NICI collection
  2. My future (going to be present-soon-) WALLET
  3. My future hobby

Me and BestieJiun are so great, we do not get bored in one shopping complex, which is a feat because Miri shopping complexes are that one can finish all 3 in one afternoon. Note the usage of Afternoon, not Day.

Okay- Number 1. My Future NICI collection. I have a horde of NICI-obsessed friends who have successfully converted me to NICI-fanhood, much to the chagrin of my parents because one new obsession = more money spent. So while I was killing time for a lunch date, I spotted this whole NICI collection sitting in the display window of a local ToyShop.


Omg. Omg. Omg. I can just imagine one little corner of my future bedroom looking like tat. I say Future because it is unrealizable now since I have virtually no income (am living off my parents) and I have other pressing needs/wants beside a RM 500 soft toy. Anyway, this picture does not really do the whole collection justice because there are more NICI plushies at the side but the salesgirl was spying at me from the side of the display I stealthily snapped a picture while pretending to ignore her. Hah.

So it is healthy to have a dream because since one has a dream, one has the Fire and Drive to actually realize one's dream! Now, I must find a rich husband and instead of using his billions to buy myself millions of designer handbags, I will buy all the NICI collections available and fill our whole mansion with the oh-so-adorable plushies. (A girl can dream. It is not illegal to fantasize!)

On to Number 2.

My Future wallet/purse. Muah ha ha ha. This Future wallet will be very soon my present wallet because I am really contemplating on purchasing it. Yes, BestieJiun, the wallet! the wallet! I have not stopped thinking about it!!! I really really love it. Its one of those Cutie Japanese Wallets with an adorable bunny on the top. It has all these little carrots on the cover and I don't know how to describe it but I fell in love with it.

I saw it and went 'Awwwwwww...' and I really think that it will be happy with me and we will live happily ever after and turn our noses up at all the LV/Coach/Prada wallets because they did not have happy endings. Imma love this wallet okay. I know its not a branded wallet but who cares, you buy what you like since you do not exist to provide designers with fat pay checks- although in the case of CocoChanel, I will work to preserve Chanel by being their consumer once I am able- Once again, I stick to my shopping mantra: I buy what I like.

Right, I am going to buy that wallet. I will buy it then cam-whore with it.

Please don't stop reading. I have yet to talk about Number 3. I promise you. Number 3 will be very very interesting (and create the urge to be the owner of a magical bank account which does not empty!)

Number 3 LOVE. Re-ment (please click on the link) Miniature Food Replicas! I got these absolutely adorable collectibles for the Dear Fish's birthday & I have been in love with them ever since. Today, I went back to Parkson and paid my Future Collectibles another visit.

I am only enamored with the Food Collectibles series (especially the Dessert Series) because I happen to love desserts and what better way than to be close to the desserts that you like but can't always indulge in because they are fattening by making miniature models of them?

Hmmm... but when I have the miniature models, I may have the tendency to consume more desserts. Never mind. I have belief in my self-control.

The miniatures are amazingly life-like. The details are so realistic that a kid will be tempted to eat them, therefore, there is a Huge Warning Sign on the box that says 'NOT FOR CHILDREN AGED 5 and BELOW'.

Look! They even have the cute Japanese Bento Kid Series. I have no idea whether all Parkson outlets stock these great finds but you are advised to look for it. Trust me, just go visit it to see the amazing, tiny, life-like details. If you are into specifics- according to the le officiel website, each replica design in 1/4" to 1". Really really tiny but with great detailing!

This is a sample of the Confectionery/ Dessert Collection that the Parkson Staff put on display. Actually, I am very jealous of the Parkson Staff who had the honor of assembling all these treats. Pfft. They should have contacted me, I would have gladly done it for FREE!

So thus ended my really productive day since I discovered 3 purposes in my life and found Millie's birthday pressie! Now, BestieJiun and Fang are pestering me to join their romantic talk about 'The Most Romantic Dating Scene' on msn.

Toodles. My romantic fantasies beckon!!!