Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ring of Roses, do we all fall down?

Its that TIME of the year again-
when the far-flung friends from the nether regions of the earth (UK),
gather after the 12 hour flight,
once again.

Its always a random social clock,
during mid-year,
summer break occurs for the UK peeps/ local off-shore UK Uni's.
Then, for the Dec hols,
we are greeted with Aussies and New Zealanders-
or those friends there on a study visa.

Note of importance-
It pleases me to say, I really look forward to all these planned visits.
Since I'm (& BestieJiun) still residing in my hometown
(while following the Off-shore study semester of Australia)
and Hometown being the local 'gathering spot'
they provide much Things To Look Forward To.

Its similar to the migration patterns of Birds/Sea Turtles/Salmon...
Hometown being the natal place of birth,
or the place they were brought up-
Thus they make the journey without fail,
every year.


They cheer up my hum-dum life,
stir up local gossip,
breathe soul into late nights,
provide me with excuses for an amped up social calender,
make me tarry on assignments,
cue making me put on weight,
burst into spontaneous laughter,
make the lights oh-so-much brighter...
I am so much Happier!

The CheerBug Herself with BestieJiun.
Miss Kho.
She who has been to countless continents,
and can still make me crack up with her giggly laughter,
and poker camera face.

So, taking the chance to get out of town,
even if its across a border,
we headed to Escapade Sushi in Brunei.
The place is Fab.
One can get good sushi (its not traditional, authentic sushi)
but its good, tasty, affordable Japanese Food,
which beats what the local Jap restaurants offer.
Its a mere 30 minutes drive away from town,
since we choose the KB branch.

Good Food, Great Company, Short Drive.
Why not?

I am quite certain that I have inherited my mom's family's foodie gene.
My aunts and uncles think nothing of driving all the way to Ipoh (from KL)
just to nourish oneself on DimSum, Salted Chicken and local Kuih-Miuh.
I think nothing of driving 1/2 hour to sample delicious sushi
and the fanatical Bertutu Fish (located in Berkenu, outskirts of Miri)

Well, I wasn't the Driver.
I really dun mind the drive.

The KB (Kuala Belait) branch has undergone a renovation of sorts-
adding more rooms and more tables
which means- MORE CUSTOMERS.

And more time for us.
They used to limit the eating time per customer,
a perfunctory gesture that I understood.
Due to its popularity,
the place used to be crowded with waiting lines of people standing outside,
therefore, customers used to have a mere...
1 & 1/2 hours per table.

Now, thats in the past.
And let's say we made good use of the new facilities available!

Bosom buddies since Form 1,
when we were both too shy and too ugly to be friends with anyone else.

Fast forward till today-
separated by oceans & still going strong.

I don't have the habit of making a whole lot of friends,
I like to stick to people with whom I'm comfortable.
And its these people I can count on,
who know me the best.
She's there in the list.
Its amazing how we can still click,
after not talking for so long (I don't count msn and e-mails as talking)
True friends indeed.

Nic, The Bear (hahah! Joking Phoebe!) and Miss Kho.

Jason and Miss Ting (aka BestieJiun)

Yesh, it is lucky we had a room.
A whole room to ourselves.
If we were seated at an open table,
the other customers would have been traumatized,
by the ongoing paparazzi sessions that were taking place.

And the above is another Long Story, for another Day.

SupaSave is a local supermarket in Brunei,
which we all wanted to patronize for different reasons.
Hell- it took us a long, LONG time to locate it,
all because of a roadblock.

Tell me about it,
all of us university students,
unable to find a supermarket.
However, it is, to be told on Another Day.

What did I tell you?
It was really lucky we all had a room.
We even brought along a TRIPOD.
That stand thing which holds a camera in place,
when a person needed to take a photo is unavailable.

Dun look at my shocked expression.
I was being expressive.
We were all so obsessed with picture taking.
We din even clear the table,
we actually included all the remains,
and empty plates and general messiness,

There are the happy smiles of people with full tummies.
In actuality,
I am suffering from blogging block-
similar case to writers block.
In fact,
I do have a load of things to post.
Its just that...
I get lazy and then I postpone these posts.
Deliberate Procrastination!

Well... I am on holiday!
I'm reading my official copy of Breaking Dawn (so delayed)!

So the story about SupaSave,
shall be next- Hopefully!

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Blissfully HAPPY.