Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brief Respite

There is something very wrong, when a conversation that started like this-

Miss Teo: Hey thr! Hows you? Ethics okay? Word limit how much?

Golden Chen: NOT OKAY. 2000 words rite?

Miss Teo: DAMN. I tot 3000. HOW HOW HOW?


Miss Teo: YOU EVIL WOMAN. dun laugh. Later you share the same fate.

Suddenly goes on to this-

Miss Teo: I am word cutter extraordinaire now. Damn lar.

Golden Chen: I feel your pain now. I got 600 words left.

Miss Teo: Eh, be happy lar, I dun have ANY more words left.

Golden Chen: Wait- I still have second value, justification and conclusion.

Miss Teo: OUCH. I feel your pain. Can I laugh now?

Golden Chen: WTF. I feel your pain too. I shud not have laughed. I take back my laugh.

How come our measly lives are dictated by a (wtf) word limit? From surveyor to passengers on the same boat? Chen, I say we say Hell to the rules and resort to anarchy- we just write as much as we want to... but as trilling as that sounds... I dun think I will ever resort to that notion.

We very kinteo (scared), no brawn people always talk behind backs and perform a NATO- no action, talk only...

Remind you of someone in the Malaysian Political Scene?

To watch Roswell Season 3
A pair of gladiator flats
A pair of ballet flats
Chanel 2.55

To finish my assignment on time

Of things to come

with Golden Chen over the stoopid assignment
(sobs- we are such students!)