Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He Came, He Saw, He said Buh-Bye

(Click on Pic to enlarge)
Spent the Nite with my Besties instead of a horrible essay.
Remember to greet TopShop for me!
Remember not to always cook Broccoli- there are other veggies!
Remember to write occasionally- as in once a month?
Remember to take pictures- ppl invented a camera for a reason!
Remember to go to Disneyland Paris and bring back something MORE than a pic.
Remember to miss your Miri Food and Besties!!!

Missing the guy who re-defined 'Act-Cute'
See the bunny ears in the photolog?

Take care, Dude!

Evil, dry journals

To form a coherent sentence


BestieJiun for the nice pic

Ting and Jason