Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Patchwork quilt

1. Moon Cake Festival is near!!! In fact, it is this Sunday! As a true blue Chinese, I am technically very happy when feasting is concerned. Festivals = Good Food! So far, my moon cake sampling has only extended towards Malaysian brands such as Baker's Village and KLT (Kam Lun Tai). I have tried local cake shop/ bakery mooncakes but in my foodie opinion, KLT wins hands down!

One bite can tell you that all ingredients are of the highest quality! It melts in your mouth and does not leave a bad after taste. I tried BV Lotus and KLT Lotus at the same time and I could not stand the sweetness of BV Lotus. It was also rather grainy and coarse in texture- but KLT? Ohhhh, sigh, I shall now have to compare thee to international brands. Maybe they might pale in your presence too...

So Happy Moon Cake to all! Special wishes go to the peeps away from home- Jen, Cinds and Dan Ting! Hope the lot of you have a great weekend- moon cake or no moon cake!!!

2. Dire circumstances call for extreme measures. I have no idea why, but my face has been breaking out. Not serious but enough to have me in a tizzy. I don't like the pain that comes with pimples. Ting, who is currently majoring in pharmacology, has some background in...of all things...skincare. According to she, it is best to pinch a pimple and extract its root so that it will not remain in your skin glands and have to opportunity to grow again.

-_- Correct me if I'm wrong, this sounds like pulling weeds from the lawn. Here I was- thinking that dermatologists have always...always...always... informed people NOT to pick a pimple. BestieTing just said "Well, you can do it in a hygienic manner." Her version of hygienic? Don't let your fingers come into contact with the pimple.

Anyway, I am now trying this mud mask in hopes that it works as it is touted. Natural recipe, bah? Won't hurt right?

3. SECRET RECIPE Miri Sarawak finally opens!!! I have no idea whether its an official opening or a soft opening, but that place is packed. Me and all my fellow Miri friends are very, very excited!!! Note the use of 'Miri friends', why did I state it like tat? Hmph- because a KK born and bred person just dampened our enthusiasm by replying : "So? KK already has 3 outlets. I am sick of chocolate banana cake." -_-

4. No, Jen, I do not care what relation we have to each other- I will not accept your invitation for that neopet-lookalike thing on Facebook called Pet Society. Ask Jason to play lar- he has a new VAIO lappie.

5. I am reliving my secondary school years through Roswell! YESH. I have totally forgotten how yummy Michael was- wait, where is that actor who played Michael? He is too yummy to be phased out... I will google him.

6. Muahahahaha! Ramadan has arrived! Happy Fasting Month to all Muslims! Happy Berbuka Puasa! Again, why shouldn't we rejoice when Food, Good Food is involved? More delicious food for me. I have sampled the best Mee Jawa yet- now am on the prowl for Asam Laksa.

7. On a totally random note, I am looking forward to Sunday! Why? Because something very, very dramatic will happen to my dear Fish! Ssssshhhh, its still a secret! I can't wait!!!


Panting for Cake- Secret Recipe, anyone?

My Business Statistic Notes,
exams this Saturday :(

What else? Roswell.

This Sunday 'Do with Fish.