Monday, March 2, 2009

Appetizer- First Week

Like the title suggests-
let's do this nice and slow.

First up- a mish mash with brusting flavours for you to savor:
The First Week.

There is just so much to update! I've been really bad with keeping track of all the places I've been to these past few weeks, but... I'm gonna have to try really hard with categorizing them tonite! So there will be sporadic updates to this loooong post now and again when I remember something that I want to add!

First off, my journey down under began with a 3 day 2 night camp at Busselton! Many fellow international students have exclaimed their surprise that I've actually visited Busselton just a mere one day after I landed in Perth! Busselton is more of a 'Its Summer Hols Lets Go On a Road Trip' kind of thing for students- so thanks JCUS for this great opportunity to enjoy Perth's spectacular beaches!

Busselton is located in between Margaret River and Augusta, along the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. It was also my first dip in the Pacific Ocean! Erm, not really significant that, its just the nerd in me showing through- what with a geographic lesson to boot.

Pacific Ocean glinting just for me and Fish!
We were stoked when we finally saw the pic on the comp.
It was completely unedited.

The Five of Us (Introducing my flatmates- Me, Fish, LeeLing, Esther and PeiChee) had a really swell time getting to know each other and making new friends with very welcoming and friendly aussie students. We even celebrated Chap Goh Meh (15th Day of CNY) with all of our fellow camp mates who were so kind and wished us all Happy CNY!

Scenic and relaxing Busselton.
The sky was so blue.
I love blue skies but I miss my clouds...

From Busselton, we then went on to Yallingup for a day trip. Gosh, Aussies really love their beaches and sport. During that short time at camp, we learned how to play beach volleyball, cricket and erm...a chocolate game which was actually an excuse to eat choc. Heheheh! Loads of experimental fun!

Fish bersemangat during Balloon Time.
Because she finally figured out how to twist a balloon into a fish.

Balloon fun time. That is the Sydney Opera House, mind you.
It is a work of art!

For me, it was a comfort to be with so many people. It was the first time away from home for me (nope, National Service does not count) and I think my homesickness was delayed. It really hit the second day and I would have wallowed in self pity and extreme depression if not for the sunny, fun people and crazy activities in store for us! It was relaxing and a really great way for me to come to terms with my new found independence while banishing my homesickness away!

Short stop-over at Simmo's for Ice Cream.
Yummy Yummy.
We were all well-fed and well-rested by the time we got back to Curtin Bentley.
Thanks so much, JCUS!

Right. I had better explain about JCUS for a bit. Its actually called the John Curtin Leadership Scholarship. John Curtin is the founder of Curtin University, which I am currently attending. In his honor, this scholarship is awarded to 6 outstanding australians every year. It was these new scholars that were at camp with us and made sure we had a blast for our very first few days in Aus.

PC at Yallingup.
He is the kindest and cutest flat mate a Gal could ask for.

Happy Flatties at Yallingup.
Love the crystal clear water and the Rock Pools.
I'll def head back there!

No Pics of the other campers cos they were all in beach gear playing cricket.
We were out exploring on our own because Yallingup, to them, is a local thing.
Hahahha! For us, the beautiful waters won us over!

So after the whole journey down south (if I'm not mistaken), LeeLing's Sis took us on a tour organized by her church. Hehhehe, believe me, there is no shortage of religious refuge here in Perth, all religious outlets are allowed to advertise (freedom of media, freedom of speech...) and trust me when I say they use it to their advantage!

Anyway, it was a nice way of seeing Perth's many main spots, complete with many new friends and yummy BBQ! Me and Fish fell in love with the many parks and Freo (Fremantle). Summer is actually coming to an end in Australia and thus, the leaves have started to change color- picture time!

Finally- A Flat 6 Flat Pic.
(Omg. Sound so horrible- Flat 6 Flat)
L-R, LeeLing.Esther.PC.Fish.Me.

Out spying on the locals.
Victoria Gardens is actually a park in one of the more upscale housing suburbs of Perth.
Unlike New York upper east side elegance,
Victoria Gardens has a more quaint, softly upscale look.
I like.

Evil amytheyst that is taller than me in Freo.
Freo is my relaxation zone.
More on that in another post!
In actual fact, there are just so many nice spots in Perth,
with so many interesting details,
I have no idea when I will finish posting my 'First Few Weeks in Perth' thing.

There are so many, many more pictures that I want to share with you guys- its a real pity that my hostel bandwidth is holding me back, so in a win-win situation... head over to Facebook (Click! Its linked!) to view all the pics.

So, there you have it, my eventful first week that didn't give me a chance to mourn my bed/blanket/TV/various stuff I could not bring over...and my family. I'm slowly adjusting to student life away from home, cooking, cleaning, having late nite conversations etc etc...and I am enjoying every moment of it. Workload this semester is also heavier but we're all going to support and motivate one another! Seriously, I could not be happier at the friends and strangers that have welcomed me into Perth. Sincerely, I say thank you.

For all my friends at various locations in the world! Woot, truly global! I miss you guys! Take care, stay strong and I can't wait for you guys to come visit! Next up: City Life and Cindy!

For my hectic class schedule to really start.

My mom's cooking. I think I'm thinner.

Unlimited allowance = unlimited spending.

For a smooth semester and a great 2009!

Pictures Credits:
Qing or Fish