Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To a Fairytale Ending

Here's to new beginnings
And even better endings:

To a dear old friend,
I'm puzzled as how to begin;
This special birthday wish,
As significant as it is.

The rudimentary greetings,
The good luck wishing,
The All the Best hugging,
The flying-kiss kissing.

This year,
When all the wishes has been said and done;
I reserve one more special wish for you-
From me.

I promise to be there for you,
stay still and strong by your side,
To listen and not judge,
To see and not go 'tsk-tsk'.

To provide comfort and peace of mind,
To embrace and find solace,
To tell you a reassuring word,
To tease you to coax a laugh.

To share girly gossip,
To entertain beauty tips,
To ascertain our other halves (not that I have one),
Stay by our side forever and ever!

From me,
to you,
I have a simple wish:
"To our friendship!"

So, dearest one,
May you have a memorable 21,
With all your closest friends,
Wishing you 'All the Best!'

, Happy Birthday!

Jen and Poladroid


sienz said...

thanks gal ^^
thanks so much ...