Sunday, March 8, 2009

I used to Roll the Dice

- Doing a little ColdPlay loving...I just love their new song...

Little snitches of my life so far:

I miss my alone time. No one at home, eerie silence, neighbours washing their cars, the sound of wooden floorboards creaking under my feet type of 'alone time'. Just sitting back, doing nothing ...and rejoicing in my solitude. I miss just giving myself a sad movie day and crying buckets of tears or not needing to cook because I know my mom will feed me. I miss walking around in my garden doing flips here and there and lying on the grass, heck, I even miss mowing the grass. Don't get me wrong, I love my flatmates and all my really great friends in Perth, its just that one bit of 'Me-Time' that I crave. So, flatties, when I lock myself up and don't answer your knocks- don't think I'm weird.

I probably discovered the best Italian Restaurant ever! Well, in my short 20 years of life, that is. Ciao Italia is my local favorite now! The atmosphere, the staff, the decorations, the 'treatment'...ahahaha, don't get me started on the food...scrumptious, delectable and 100% Italian. They even celebrate birthdays with an Italian flair!

I've started a post-card wall now. There's this stand in my uni building that provides students with an unlimited supply of post cards! Arty ones, grafitti-splashed ones and even statement making ones. Pictures when I am finished with the wall!

I think that my cooking is actually edible. So far, no upset stomachs, no throwing ups and no leftovers! Good news eh? And I am actually feeling very. very domesticated. Just yesterday, Fish and Me had a whole discussion on Coles and their offers. -_- Instead of 'Want to watch the new movie out this week?' it was 'Eh, Dory Fillets are going for 4 this week. Let's go get them.' I grieve for our social life.

Stupid guy living across my flat is playing Rihanna up to the max. At 12 midnight. Stupid bugger. Ever heard of headphones? Annoying the hell out of me and everyone else. And, his playlists suck. Someone, please call Security now?

Speaking of Rihanna, I am shocked. I will never buy/support/or look at Chris Brown products again. I will not stand for domestic violence.

Workload is starting to pile up. I can't believe I actually spent a Sunday night doing homework. -_- Woe betide the nerd I am becoming. Still, this semester is looking to be an interesting one. I've got so many multi-cultural groups in my classes that I am stoked to actually attend class...Just made friends with some Mauritians last week. They speak French...I'm trying to get them to correct my accent around...'Je taime Chanel 2.55'.

This is my fittest week ever. Due to lack of transportation, I am now walking to uni four days a week...back and forth, I do a 60 minutes trek. An Australian Gov health initiative says that you need to walk at least 30 minutes per day. I fit that criteria perfectly. Healthy me, here I come!

Heard classmates arguing over the new Aussie dictation of 'Two Standard Drinks Limitation' just announced recently. Well, in my opinion, its not stopping the weekly Wednesday night drinks from happening...Nothing much to argue know...

Budgeting stands right in between...eating 5 serves of veggies and cleaning the toilet. Both unpreferable activities, both hated but both a 'got-to-do' kind of thing. Sigh.

On the random side, I am itching for a DSLR. Jen, I blame you for this. I took one look at the pictures of Fish and Hui that you did and was sold.

All the latest movies-
Can someone kindly download them and send them over?

Towards studying on Saturdays.

Going for Vietnamese tomolo @ NorthBridge

To Sleep Now!