Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time, Please tell me the truth

-Sara Bareilles

-Easy and slow
-Read 'Chasing Harry Winston' delighting in chick-lit
-Cereal and chicken soup day
-Remembered my daily vit supply
-Milk turned sour (sad)
-Cleaned the kitchen!

-Free "Breadou" (that's the cute little bun which smells like a bun!)
- I love Curtin Events (cough free stuff cough)
- Realised that I've been happy and smiley since I got to Perth!
-Went to Northbridge...Icey Ice is so yummy...
-Shu Duan is cute. She bought popsicles...I want them too now...
- Studied the night away.

-Made my bed.
-Bersemangat so I took a picture.
-Its so warm now that I throw off the quilt during the night.
-And leave a bowl of water in front of the fan to cool my room!
-Family called. Had a nice long chat...Miss them all very very much...

-The post card wall.
-Nope, its not finished yet.
-Fish's PostCard Theory: take 6 each for the nice ones,
3 each for the not so nice ones.

-Nothing much to say... Glad its the weekend again!
-Full class day...but its interesting!
-Spot the sign behind the fairy...handmade by Fish...with free cloth!
-Thanks, Fiona! We aspire to save the world by taking free stuff!

-Bright little flower cup that reminds me of my daily chores.
-Keeps me in focus while brigtening up my day.
-My mom bought it. Its gone from-China-Malaysia-Australia.

-Many thanks to Bay!
-The above is his creation! Its a steamer!
-YAY!!! I had steamed fish!!!

-Seriously, the more you shake it, the thicker it becomes!
-Hmmm, so thick, in fact, I cud not finish it, its in the fridge as we 'speak'.
-Calvin and I sat on the grass today...Erm, prickly? That's all I can say!

Lovely Week indeed!