Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In between catching breaths: Procastinating.

Spot the man among the rocks.
No, I did not have the courage to ask him what he was doing...
was too far up to shout anyway!

Fish in the 'Surprise'!
I'm not allowed to talk about it until April.
Miri people attending the graduation/ awards ceremony...Heads up!
I've seen it, Fish has seen it...
N we love the surprise!!!

Annual Perth Arts Festival.
Sculptures on display in Cottlesloe.
Will head back to document all of them...some other time.
When the sun is not so evil!

Gigantic watch I seriously wanted to bring home.
We can vote for our fav sculpture.
This is definitely mine.
The detailing is amazing!

In the words of our tour guide:
"The stupidest sign ever."
Beach. Water.
Aren't these two things practically twins???

Beachy feel extended to walkways in Cottlesloe.
How many sea creatures can u see?

Bad Flu Day.

My lovely lovely cape!
One can see a bit of detail here- erm, one button actually.
But it was really a steal at AUS$ 4.95!!!

Jen, dun throw tantrum when you see this okay...
It's really handy!
Kill two birds with one stone, get it?

Mind-blowing Rodarte campaign.
Now I don't have to explain my love for the Sisters Mulleavy.

Gigi's insides spewing out.
She needs the ER.
Or for me to stop studying!

Extra fat on my thigh.
Ok lar- mebe jus me randomly pulling on my skin.

Still searching-
anyone have any hints?

Cloud-sick, not home-sick.
Where art thou, clouds of Aus?
How can the sky be so...clear and blue?

Love the sunlight glinting off the leaves.
Autumn is here!
Temperature switching between 15 - 23 oC everyday!

Harbour Town is Love.
Erm, not everything is mine.
Cindy, beloved partner in crime,
When is our next heist?

I miss my egg tarts.
The custardy-eggy-creamy ones back from SauPau Bakery.

New Girl Crush.
Rinko Kikuchi.
Gremlin lovers, unite.

Stop Procastinating.

To attend class or Not?

of DimSum this Saturday!

Dumpling, carrot and tomato soup tonite.

Her Space Holiday!