Saturday, March 28, 2009

We do Dinner.

Yes, apparently I can cook! And apparently, so can my adorable flatmates! Erm... (shifty eyes) after all my failures in Miri, I seem to be the type who learns from mistakes! Mother dearest, do not fret! I can survive on my own!!!

So, since we have established (in the short one month of living together) that we are quite adept in the art of throwing things together to make something edible- what better thing to do than COOK a potluck on Saturday!

I am so lucky to be in a flat full of people who eat and love to eat. Hahah, pun intended. My dear coursemates always complain of flatties on diets, flatties who always eat out and what nots. So, I'm in a lovable food environment! Proof:

The girl who started it all!
She googled for a recipe to cook Enoki Mushrooms.
Hence, the tip of the iceberg: Enoki Mushrooms!

I am veering off topic BUT...BUT...
I must introduce this piece of heaven to as many people possible!
Rocklea Road from Darrell Lea!
From the Seven Deadly Sins-
This is my LUST.


From Enoki Mushroom,
it turned into Vietnames Spring Roll...
To Potatoes,
and ended with Soup!

Bacon, Chinese Cabbage, Enoki Mushroom Rolls by Fish and ShuDuan!

This is so delicious and So Very Yummy!
(capitalized because it deserves Capitals!)
Ingredients: Bacon strips, Enoki Mushrooms/ Jin-Zhen-Gu, Chinese Cabbage.
Cut into long strips. Roll and hold with wooden sticks.
Steam for approx. 20 minutes.

Bacon and Enoki Mushrooms.
Same preparation.
Bake with cheese as toppings for 30 minutes.

Spring Rolls by Me and Esther!

A very satisfying Saturday evening indeed! We voted Potluck as a Saturday Flat 6 Flat Tradition from today onwards! Hehhehe, more interesting recipes to try out...and try very hard to not burn down the kitchen! Fish almost set a tea towel on fire and the fire lighter dropped to the back of the stove!

On a random note, I am actually eating muesli and apples with yoghurt as we speak, in vain effort of trying to keep myself awake so that I can study! One more mid-term and assignment respectively to go before Easter hols! I can't wait! Know how they say the grass is always greener on the other side? Well, the air is always fresher to me on holidays! If that makes sense... ;P

Going off to slug at minute words and random diagrams with too many arrows...While marveling at the human element called human nature. Gambarimasu!

Fish Leong and her many love songs

Of the winter jacket I saw the other day!
& why is autumn so cold?

To watch Confessions of a Shopaholic.
Shopping is an art.

Of next Friday's planned outing!