Sunday, March 29, 2009

So when the leaves turn brown...

We wish for it to be spring again.

Hence, the fickleness of human nature. I has been in study mode for too long. Decided to take a breather! And came across- this breath-taking picture of cherry blossoms. I have always loved cheery blossoms for their delicate petals that belie their strength. Their symbolism in both Chinese and Japanese culture. To me, it is the ultimate representation of female wisdom and strength! To be soft yet tough, to be fragile yet hardy.


My secret dream is to fly to Japan and just stand under the blossoms as they fall come autumn. (hurh, so its not a secret anymore but hey! we all have wishful desires!)

Dreaming of things to come... is the only way of getting on with life. In a never-ending cycle, you dream, you achieve or fail and you dream yet again. My ongoing mantra. Its just that, once in a while, you get so buzzed up and busy and painfully occupied that you can't spend time idling away time dreaming. In those moments- I've always wondered how I get through...

Then again, isn't it mere human nature to continue onwards? No matter how long we stand still or pause, it is a mere stop. That stop isn't the end. We only reach the end when we die.

So, when this pitstop of assignments and studies end...I hope I can dream once again.

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