Friday, November 28, 2008


IT WAS AWESOME/ FANTASTIC/ BREATH-TAKING (...right... you get the drift)

I think its one of the best book-adapted movies ever! In honor of the movie, I've even changed my blog header! Seriously, this movie already has a ranking in my Top Ten Most Loved Movies list. I want to see it again!

Of course, hypothetically speaking, one should really try not to compare it to the books. Books, in my humble opinion, always convey more than a movie. However, this movie totally stood on its own. I mean, you wouldn't have to read the books to get the inside jokes, the charisma between the cast and the low-down on the storyline. Congrats to Summit Entertainment for producing a very, very commendable film version of Twilight that could stand on its own two legs!

I loved the subtle plots changes that weren't too hopeless (I hated how they twisted the Harry Potter scenes), which gave even more meaning to the movie! I loved the little sarcastic jokes here and there! Jacob was spot-on! Erm...Edward was Edward? I've never really been into choking Robert Pattinson over Edward because I felt he actually brought out the vulnerability that the books have always focused upon. I actually enjoyed his performance! Alice, sigh, perfection! I loved the Cullens in more than one way- the baseball scene took my breathe away and the cooking scene was awkwardly funny! I really cracked up during the graduation cap joke! So all in all, I think this is the first book-to-movie feature that I actually enjoyed! Lord of the Rings really can't fall into this criteria because there were really too many details in the books which were omitted. Basically, LOTR held the essence of the books intact. Twilight not only had the essence, it had the 'omph' factor too!

Highlight of the movie: The meadow scene where Edward glitters! It was so...surreal yet believable. I've never been able to correctly grasp what the books were illustrating about 'glittering in the sun'. Ahhhh... now I see. It was beautiful without being overly cheesy. Just the right touch of magic! I now dream of diamonds!

Then again, being a hard-core fan of the books, I really didn't like the way Kristen Steward played Bella. Too angst-y for my liking. There were certain moments where she really did convey Bella's adorableness...but these adorable moments were really too far and apart for my liking- which had me contemplating how Emily Browning would have done the middle of the film...which showed how much I disliked Kristen's performance.

I also didn't like the fact that they cut off Alice's role in the movie. Fyi, when the Tracker, James, started to hunt Bella, it was because he had actually wanted Alice all those years ago. That was the underlying motive towards his hunt for Bella. To him, Bella represented a way to get back at the Cullens for cheating him of Alice all those years ago. An eye for an eye, one could say. Hmph... cutting that whole plot out really didn't do the movie enough justice.

Anyway, outside of those two little rants, I really have to say that I can't wait for New Moon! Summit Entertainment has already officially announced that they will be making the sequel to Twilight! The script is being written as we speak! Muahahahhahahahhah!

Now, I'm going to go harass Little Brother (1) to accompany me to see Twilight again! Sadly, Little Brother (2) is away at camp.

Priceless moments in the film. Love Alice/Jasper Love.

A HAPPY Twilight fan.
I really love the ALICE moments!
(She has a really wicked pitch)