Saturday, November 15, 2008

A twist in my story

(Yes. The title is from Secondhand Serenade!)
('Its time I opened up and let your love right through me')

Since I'm taking a breather from studying- I'll be replying my dear Chen's tag!

I'm kinda paranoid about pictures, so this tag wasn't very easy:
Answer the questions below,
do a Google Image Search with your answer,
take a picture from the first page of results,
and do it with minimal words of explanation.
Tag 5 other people to do the same once you've finished answering every question.

Ah well, Right!
Here goes:

1) The age you'll be on your next birthday

Yewp. Finally a independent adult.
My boobs haven't arrived though. (glum)

2) A place you'd like to travel

Tsk. I'll put places instead of 'place' because there are so many places I wanna go!
Paris to see The Louvre.
And to Rue Cambon for my Chanel 2.55!


And Bangkok!
I want to shop till I drop in Chak tu Chak market!

3) Your favourite place

The Beach right across my house!
The most amazing sunsets happen there-
calming and soothing and explosive all at once.

4) Your favourite food(s)

Hello Panda!

La-La from LaLa Cheong in Kuala Lumpur!

Yummm... tasty huh?

Right- a more nicer way of looking at sushi!

My comfort food and Happy Food-
Ice Cream!

5) Your favourite pet

Sadly, Stitch will always be Lilo's.

6) Your favourite colour combination


Red on Black.
Not the other way around.

7) Your favourite piece of clothing

Skinny Jeans, Tees and Flats.

A stack of Rings.
(I know this comes under accessories, but I just couldn't resist!)

8) Your all-time favourite song

This is hard!
Its a tie, between:
The Carpenters- "Close To You"
Sixpence None the Richer- "Kiss Me"

9) Your favourite show

Gilmore Girls, hands down!

10) First name of your significant other/crush

No- one special yet!

11) The town you live in

A city by the sea!

12) Your first job

'Officer of School Rules'
i.e. Prefect

13) Your dream job

Yabbering Away... ... ...

14) A bad habit you have

I talk too much, sometimes... ... ...

15) Your worst fear

Lost of Sight.
Seeing the world in nothing but darkness.

16) The thing you'd like to do before you die

Say Thanks to everyone in my life-
for providing me with meaningful memories and such a vibrant life.

Say Thanks to the Almighty Being up there for granting me such a good life.
I wouldn't have lived any other way.

And since I'm saying Thank You- I'll give out something more:

Because sometimes, you just need one!

Me shall TAG:

1) Double Tag to Fish and Jiun
2) Jen
3) Pris
4) Cindy
5) Fang

(Credits for Pictures: Google Image Search Page #1)


(_.·´¯`·×» CANDYFLING said...

ok. I will never look at sushi the samee gain..hahaa...