Saturday, April 4, 2009

A smile, slowly spreading across my face

I would really like to thank:
My family, my aunts and uncles- Aunty Elaine, Aunty Mag, WC and Uncle Brian.

My 'naughty' Flat 6 & Co.
ShuDuan! Fish! LeeLing! PC! Esther! Cindy! Nelson!

My lovable friends:
Esther, Phoebe, Pris (so finally, we meet!), Fi and Meng (I loved the little Q travelling everywhr!), Lyon (such a crazy one!), Chen Ting (applehead!), Nicholas (U too jia you in UK),
JENABI (so skillful ! -_-), JASON (hope u had a great time in Italy!), Vivian, Shirley,
Yvonne! (long time no see gal!), Feng Chyuan, Sharon (So Cute!), My Love Dan Ting, SIN LING, MILLIE GIRL, NYCE DARL, ING ING, RUEY SHIAN, TECK MING, WAH WAH, AH HONG n Ah Hong's Friend (SORRY! Forgot ur name!), LC, FANG, LUULUU, WALLACE, XUN (SHE:) Min Yew, John, Teck Seng!, Emily and April, Daniel (sorry! will col u back soon!) Veronica, Rachel, Jessica,
VTing & Clinton (didn't get yr card, did u send it to hotmail?)!

My Curtin Darlings:
Melissa (have a great semester! Enjoy it to the max!), Adeline (miss you!),
Jackson, Curby, Carmen (I will surely visit u guys in KK some day!),
Ke Han, Heng Siang and Co. Calvin, Tony, Joanne, Siaw Fen...
Miss Fayrene and Miss Fidella ( u guys were so cute!)
Sham -_-
Miz Anita again!
And the ever lovable and adorable Miss Azlyn (Welcome back!)

(P/S: I want to see the new building)

And everyone else:
Sussan, Wndr, Han Chen, Calvin, Colin! Andrea, Doreen, Damien, Small Cindy, Dragon @ Tatsu, Xiao Ming, Christina, Alene, Florence, Wen Yee, WENDY!, Vincent, Lily, James, Ronald, Daphne, Rudi, Annie, Maurice, Kheng Wei, Kelvin, Joanne, Wan Sin,Yung Leong, Oi Yee, Kelvin Kian, Oliver, Chiew Sing, Michele, Jaclyn, YeePing, LeeMoi, Jessica, Uncle Ng and Fam & Tony!

And the 'evil' collaborators in this:
What am I without you girls?

For making this birthday, my most unforgettable one!

I heart April 2nd, 2009!